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KGA and Garrett Photographic

Since inception, KGA has been affiliated with Garrett Photographic having photography and video on site and part of the KGA offering has been a distinct advantage for our clients. Not only do we produce top tier photo efforts but having the ability to coordinate the entire creative process from design through photography saves time and money. We can turn projects on a dime – much faster than any resource we know of, and that translates to speed to market. It is definitely a family affair with Steve Garrett heading photography, Evan Garrett video and Jessie Garrett Instagram efforts.

Photography Capabilities:

Food Photography, Splashes, Pours, Styling, Retouching, Product Photography, Executive Portraits. Fashion, Interiors, Exteriors,
Architectural, Still Life, Events

Video Capabilities:

Video Production, Editing, Audio, Motion Graphics, In Studio
and On Location.

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